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Laskier Training Solutions

Allow your business to achieve its customer service and sales ambitions


We offer bespoke training and coaching programmes designed to enhance the skills of your front line sales and service teams including first line managers, trainers and quality support staff.

Our expertise comes from many years operational experience across a number of business sectors where we have developed training and coaching solutions that encourage the behaviour changes that enhance your customer experience and create brand advocates.

We design and deliver training programmes that are closely aligned to the needs of your business and address the everyday challenges your teams face, and in doing so offer practical, interactive and engaging sessions that have a positive impact on the skills of your people.


Here are a few examples of courses we have designed and delivered.

Communication Excellence

This is entry level soft skills training to provide the skills that allow for outstanding customer interactions.

Advanced Interaction Skills

Training that enhances the expertise of your team ensuring they can build excellent and long term customer relationships through rapport, empathy & assertiveness skills.

Sales Through Service

Training designed to provide guidance and structure to maximise the sales opportunities that are part of any customer service interaction.

Retention Skills

Training that is designed for those that have a role in customer retention with a focus on a structured and empathy rich approach to handling customer challenges.

Team Management

Understand the key building blocks to ensure first line managers have the motivational, coaching and feedback skills to enhance team performance.

Sales Management

Provides an overview identifying the key elements of effective sales management including how to define, encourage and support sales expertise to best effect.


We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand their business requirements and operational challenges so we can offer solutions that have an immediate and measurable impact.

We design and deliver training that is innovative and engaging as well as ensuring that new skills are transferable and sustainable.

We are career trainers with a passion for delivering excellent programmes that make a difference to our clients and their teams.


We work with a wide range of clients across multiple business sectors with a structured no-nonsense approach to delivering results.

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Laskier Associates had clear contact centre training expertise and were able to design bespoke training, especially sales and service areas and deliver these materials in such a way as to have an immediate and notable impact on performance.

They were also adept at navigating our complex business model and were able to deliver results through building excellent relations across our business both internally and with our external partners.

Head of Contact Centres

Major Multi Chanel Retailer
Laskier Associates provided us with some strategic support to our outbound contact centre that both gave us some clear direction in terms of organisational design, roles and responsibilities, recruitment processes and incentive planning.

Their involvement allowed for some immediate improvements to be made that positively impacted operational performance.

Head of Operations

Leading Customer Analytics Organisation
Laskier Associates developed FSA compliant scripts, design and delivery of compliant training materials and development of internal management processes by which we could measure external contact centre suppliers against.

They then shared this expertise across a network of external contact centre providers where they provided expert support in the operational delivery of Agent and Management training, call quality and general sales operational initiatives.

Head of Marketing

Major UK Insurer


If there is anything we can help you with, we would love to hear from you